Radiotherapy marking

An overview of marking for radiation therapy

The only clean & safe method for patients

An overview of marking for radiation therapy

The only clean & safe method for patients

Sterile pigments for medical purposes

The marking of irradiated areas allows radiotherapists to precisely determine the target area.
For radiation therapy, this tattoo determines the surfaces corresponding to the integumentary volume. For this purpose, BIOTIC Phocea was the first laboratory to offer a single-use sterile pigment with class IIb medical device status RADSAFE®.


For a simple and efficient marking
  • No preservatives, petrochemical derivatives or ingredients of animal origin
  • Hypoallergenic, perfect compatibility with the dermis and mucous membrane
  • Fades over time to erase the stigma of the disease
  • Legally compliant, unlike India ink
  • Packaging adapted to hospitals: DMI traceability guaranteed.
  • CEIIb approved and traceable DMI (in accordance with legislation: batch number, label and patient implant card supplied)
  • No risks of error or offset, perfect reproducibility
  • Resistant to sweat, water, soap and clothing abrasion

Our equiptment and supplies

For accurate and painless marking

The Dermo'Lite dermograph is a light and ergonomic dermograph, ideal for marking radiotherapy points.

Thanks to its needles made up of three 0.25mm diameter points, the implantation of the RadSafe® pigment is painless for the patient and extremely precise.

The duration and the size of the marking points can be varied by adjusting the needle outlet and the choice of needles.

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