Create your own range of permanent make-up pigments

10 weeks lead time

Our turnkey pigment offer

It is now possible to offer your customers pigments with the name of your brand or your institute.
Your brand image will thus be present right down to the very essence of your art: the pigment.

Thanks to our expertise in research and development, our laboratories can develop and manufacture the colours YOU need for your brand.

Our manufacturing expertise is thus made available to your brand, which is a guarantee of quality for your customers. The advantages? The raw materials are strictly selected, the pigments are manufactured in a clean room to avoid any contamination. We use a validated sterilisation method. You nourish your brand image, we bring quality & safety.

The packaging is in your image, with your logo.

Many training schools trust us.
The possibility of offering pigments with the name of their establishment allows them to reinforce their brand image.

Over 90 colours available

Minimum order: 500 pigments for the first order

Transparent label personalised with your logo

Optional transparent case available

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