Pre & post tattoo cares


The only complete pre and post-tattoo care range on the market


The only complete pre- and post-tattoo care range on the market

Specially designed to prepare and repair pigmented skin!

The Sublim'InkĀ® range of pre- and post-tattoo care products prepares the skin before pigmentation, promotes pigment absorption and protects the skin after the dermopigmentation session.
Because a well-prepared skin will better assimilate the pigment, and because a well-maintained permanent make-up will remain stable and radiant over time, BIOTIC Phocea has developed a complete range of pre- and post-pigmentation care products, intended for resale and in-cabin care.
Vegan, created from natural ingredients, without mineral oils (petroleum jelly, paraffin), these products protect the skin and the pigment, and promote healing.
The result: permanent make-up that lasts and brilliant colours!

A complete care protocol

Because permanent make-up does not only depend on pigment...

We have developed a range of products to be used during the pigmentation session and to be offered as a home ritual to your clients.


Pre-pigmentation :
1. EXFOLIATE with the Moisturizing Face Scrub
2. CLEAN with Micellar Water

During pigmentation
3. CLEAN excess pigment with Soothing Cleansing Foam
5. FIX with Agent F

Post-pigmentation :
6. SOOTHING & CICATRISING with Nutri-CreamĀ® on the lips, CICABROWS+ on the eyebrows

AT HOME - advise your clients on a ritual to optimise healing and pigment uptake
1. CLEAN with Soothing Cleansing Foam
2. SOOTHEN & CICATRISE with Nutri-CreamĀ® on lips, CICABROWS+ on brows
3. MAINTAIN with the Lash & Brow Booster and the Sublim'Lips+ Repair Gloss

After pigmentation, the healing stage is very important. As a professional, don't hesitate to give your clients all the advice they need to have an optimal experience.